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We are currently in the alpha stage of development, so many things aren't available yet or are still likely to change. We welcome you to register and play, tell us what you think and help shape the future of the game!

Welcome to Shadowrun: Corrosion

Welcome to Shadowrun: Corrosion

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The year is 2060 and the world has changed. Megacorporations have become more powerful than nations and are fighting a covert war against one another over resources, political gain as well as consumer loyalty. They use "deniable assets" to do their dirty work for them, making sure never to get implicated and jeopardize shareholder value, public trust and ultimately their bottom line.

The world has Awakened, causing some people to be touched by magic, unlocking strange and mystical powers, while others gain their edge by merging their bodies with cutting edge pieces of machinery, leaving them barely human.

Those people working for the corporations live their lives in relative luxury, slaves to the Man and consumption. Many others are not that fortunate as they are left to fend for themselves, populating the ruined parts of the city and doing what they must to survive. People are subjected to a dominating scrutiny through total information awareness and everyone has a SIN, a System Identification Number. If you have one, they know everything about you. If you don't, you are without rights, unable to get an apartment or a job.

A select few manage to turn their SINless status into an asset. They don't exist in the system and if they have marketable skills they can sell their services to the corporations. These are shadowrunners. The streets are their home.

Come and join the dangerous world of Shadowrun. Become a shadowrunner, run the streets of Seattle, do jobs, make money, increase your reputation and compete against other players. Join up and start playing now!

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